Sunday, April 15, 2012

Human Rights Violated

Composites of emails to Victor Patricio Rocha and John Lawrence Macarro when my human rights were violated.

 'Victor, I knew you had no moral compass before I met you at the symposium, However, I did hope.

 Victor, I did not realize the extent to which you would stoop to cover the corruption at Pechanga. You and the other Macarro that I have been trying so hard to connect with are dirty to the core.

You knowingly did conspire to steal Pechanga and everything connected with it; you dirtbags have prostituted Pechanga for your self-enrichment.

 The blinders came off yesterday. I had my suspicions before Saturday, but I ignored them at the symposium. You did engage in terrorism in the confines of your car yesterday. I told you to let me out several times and you refused.

 You were menacing, threatening, and intimidating; all designed to keep me from my rightful place at Pechanga. You are dirty up to you eyeballs. You are a thug and a thief.

 Now I know you also employ terrorism to achieve your lawless goals. You said you were putting an end to this mess; little did I know that I was the target.

 You cannot get away with coercing me by intimidation with impunity. Like you said, i know now that corruption involving indian gaming is deep and wide.

 Do not represent yourself as representing the good Macarro. You made it quite clear that corrupt Macarro are protecting corrupt Macarro.

 You brag that corrupt Pechanga have connections in congress, dept of justice, tribal attorneys. You ass; what good will dirty connections for the innocents of Macarro and others of Pechanga blood do for their legacy except to pass on corruption and crime.

 I find it very interesting that you and your mother use the same phrases; the same words to threaten and intimidate. you two even use “trust me” to keep unsuspecting victims unsuspecting.

 You have terrorized your last victim you thief.... You are the boy of casino interests; you are bought and paid for. Do not go representing yourselves as the tribe.

 You all are nothing but a group of thieves and thugs who have seized Pechanga for your own corrupt objectives.

 You like to brag that you can obstruct evidence of corruption;like you are the one unsuspecting mainstream media go to to validate their 'facts.' I do what i do for the good of Pechanga.

 I now know  the truth of how dirty the family I tried so hard to know is. You have no worry of my contacting any of you thieves and thugs.  Though I love you jackasses, I hate what you have recklessly done.

'John, you better do something about Victor Rocha. He is totally out of control. At the symposium yesterday, he acted friendly.

 Later he said I have to “play the game.” I told Victor, I am an old woman and I wanted nothing to do with the corruption at Pechanga.

 Anyway, this morning, he picked me at my hotel. Everything seemed fine. That is, until he had me in the car. He started verbally assaulting me. He thinks I should just shut up and say nothing.

 He actually went further than that and threatened me not to go to Pechanga. He said I was not to be trusted by the corrupt rogues in control of Pechanga. Further, he said you all hate me.

 Well, John, you can hate me all you like....this will not deter me from sweeping the House of Pechanga and the House of Macarro clean of corruption i now know is systemic;deep and wide.

 Victor was screaming like a lunatic that he knew people in the Justice Department, politicians, the governor. He said “go to the press.” It would not do any good because he was in charge of the press questions.

 I cannot let this greedy lunatic keep me from exposing the corruption at Pechanga. Victor said I was not realistic in expecting truth and honesty. That people are naturally evil.

 John, I have given corrupt rogues every opportunity to clean up. I know now you have been sucked in like all the rest of the rogues.

 My instinct is to call the FBI; which, by the way, Victor says he can control.

Has Victor lost his mind? He seems not to have a handle of reality. He says he is the devil;I love life John and I want to live very much to see my grandchildren grow. Did you put Victor up to his threat?

 John, I cry for Macarro who are now so steeped in corruption and its cover-up. I have every right to go onto the reservation. I am a peaceful woman. I hold you responsible for any harm that comes to me when I am at Pechanga.

 I name you, Victor, and all other corrupt rogues who are trying to shut me up. All I want is for Pechanga to cleaned of this mess. For Victor to resort to such blatant threats, is, I believe, every evidence this mess is deeper and wider than I thought.'

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